Help Tech Condo Grow!

It’s AWESOME of you to consider donating to Tech Condo!

After all, it’s people like you that make this possible. Please read below to see what rewards come with each level

Condo Guest $5
$5 / month
Access to the private Tech Condo Facebook Group
Your name in the end credits of the main show
Room Mate $10
$10 / month
Includes "Condo Guest $5" level, and...
Monthly Condo Community hangout call (approx 30 min)
Room Mate $25
$25 / month
Includes "Room Mate $10" level, and...
Exclusive 24x7 Behind The Scenes Studio Camera
Personal Q&A call with Petra (for others to see)
Producer $50
$50 / month
Includes "Room Mate $25" level, and...
Personal 1 hour Q&A call with Petra (private or shared: You decide)
Exclusive Quarterly production meeting
Your name "full screen" in the end credits
Free gift every year