Room Mate $50

With Room Mate $50 you help grow TechCondo big time! Your money will exclusively be used to pay for future technology and services that make the show and community even more awesome!

In return you get exclusive rewards:

  • Access to the private Tech Condo Facebook Group, where you can geek out on the latest gear and get exclusive pictures
  • Monthly Condo Community hangout call
  • Monthly personal 1 hour call with Petra (can be kept private)
  • Your name displayed during the show
  • Your name “full screen” in the end credits
  • Exclusive 24×7 Behind The Scenes Studio Camera so you can be the “Fly on the wall” in the studio
  • Exclusive production meeting and priority communication to discuss the route of the show and community every quarter
  • And something special every year

Your PayPal payment will be done to “Petra Verbruggen (Design ik wel / Tech Condo)”

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