What happens with your personal data

At Tech Condo we use the following data:

TechCondo is produced by the sole producer Petra Verbruggen from Design Ik Wel based in Venray, The Netherlands.


  • Your first- and last name to communicate with you in a personal manner on the website
  • Your e-mail address to logon to our website and send you e-mails with regard to this website (technical and it’s contents)
  • For Payments we use PayPal or Stripe, in both cases no payment information is stored on this website, only the result “success, fail, stopped” are stored in the TechCondo’s  website database to provide you the correct subscription service. In case of “stopped” services, your data will be removed after a 3 month period.


For the Newsletter and  Notifications mails we use GetResponse as e-mail system, and is separated from this website, we solely use your name and e-mail address. The e-mail system will only send you notifications when we go live and maximum 1 time a week additionally for the newsletter. You can always unsubscribe by selecting the link below every e-mail. In case of an unsubscribe your data will be removed immediately.

We will never sell your information to others.

(updated May 19 2018)